Billy Reid

Billy Reid Shindig 2019

The biggest party in the Shoals is a yearly staple at Armosa. Billy’s team is all about giving people space to have a great time, try new things, and bring people to our home town from all over the world. With the lure of great whiskey, barbecue, baseball, and beautiful fashion, Billy Reid tasks us each year with capturing the essence of what this party’s all about. We got to the bottom of it in new ways in 2019.

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“Armosa comes through in new ways each year for Shindig, which is why we keep giving them the reigns on capturing and sharing it with our audience.”

Mimi Regan
Marketing Coordinator, Billy Reid

Behind the Scenes

It takes a lot of coordination, organization, and flexibility to capture a party happening across an entire city for days-on-end. We worked closely with the Billy Reid team to ensure no stone was unturned and that we could be in the moment at everything from the runway to the infamous Sunday wrap party at the lake. The food alone is enough to make us excited to do this event each year.

Billy Reid Shindig 2019

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