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Made in the Rocket City

Our friends at Blue Summit Supplies make everything you can think of for offices—staplers, scissors, envelopes, you name it. But, what they really want to do is empower small businesses. So, they decided to do just that in their back yard of Huntsville, Alabama. We were tasked with creating a robust series of quick, beautiful profiles of awesome businesses across the Rocket City—a series that has continued for 4 seasons, won a few awards, and garnered tens of thousands of new eyeballs for Blue Summit Supplies.

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“The team at Armosa are a dream to work with. They have done so much to elevate our brand as well as empower us to be more independent with our own media. They show up to each project prepared, energized, and full of ideas. I completely trust them and they continue to earn that.”

Grace Treutel
Content Strategist, Blue Summit Supplies

Behind the Scenes

All seasons of Made in the Rocket City are live here!

Pre-production is key when you’re slated to capture and edit this amount of content every few months. Blue Summit finds fantastic businesses who are willing to let us come in and capture what they do and share it with the world. Scheduling out that valuable time down to the minute is necessary for getting the most of each location and for keeping everybody in good spirits over long days of shooting. The edit process is no different, keeping a tight reign on what's important while making the pieces fun to watch and easy to share.

Made in the Rocket City
Made in the Rocket City

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