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The Marie Forleo team has been making dreams come true for a long time - including ours. B-School has become the launchpad for thousands of successful entrepreneurs - people who want to change their lives and change the world. We captured the tip of that beautiful iceberg in NYC in 2019 by talking to over 20 people about how their businesses - and lives - have been transformed by Marie’s magic program.

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“Armosa is a dream team. I love tapping into their creativity and seeing what they can do. They always come to the table with solutions, ideas, and spunk.”

Louise Flory
Head of Production, Marie Forleo International

Behind the Scenes

We filmed / photographed all of these folks in one day.


25 people. One day. In one location. In New York City. It was...intense. And awesome. Every single person we worked with was an absolute trooper. After it was too dark to film—we got pizza. Positive vibes all around were had, it's what we do. But these folks made it super easy. From there, the Marie Forleo team was able to share with the world and promote B-School for the powerhouse it is, and we are super proud of that.

Katrina BurtonJulie JarvisQuelcy KogelValerie La BrequeCarmen NarancsikAriana Tavares

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