Michael Hyatt & Co.

Full Focus Planner for Kids

The team at Michael Hyatt & Co. is one of our longest and most trusted partnerships. We’ve helped them launch countless courses, books, you name it. The Full Focus Planner is not only where it started for our relationship, but it’s where so many people's journey to success began too. So we were so excited when they asked us to promote a planner that got that journey started as early as possible

Our Services

  • Casting / Pre-Production
  • Filming / Photography
  • Editing

“Armosa has been our go-to solution for video content for a long time for a very good reason—they always come through with a product that truly offers value to new and existing customers.”

Courtney Baker
VP of Marketing, Michael Hyatt & Co.

Behind the Scenes

Launching a new product at any time is hard. Launching one during a global pandemic? Also hard. Amid rigorous social distancing protocols, weekly Covid testing, very limited travel, and all the things that came with Summer of 2020, we were fortunate enough to be asked to find a way to promote this exciting new product from one of our longest-running partners. We fully produced this entire campaign from our hometown of Florence, casting local families and keeping strict safety standards at every turn. Consider this and any other challenge: accepted.

Problem, meet solution

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