Shoals Economic Development Authority

Remote Shoals

SEDA came to us a few years ago with an amazing idea: to pay remote workers to move to our area. We immediately knew it would be a success - if we could convey how great it actually is to live in The Shoals. To the best that we can tell - we succeeded, because hundreds of people have since applied for the program. We've spent the last couple of years getting to know these families and telling their stories.

Our Services

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"Armosa is an integral part of not only how we promote our area, but the way in which we are able to engage with it. They embody the creative spirit of The Shoals as well as the attitude we hope our visitors and citizens take notice of."

Adam Himber
Vice President, SEDA

Behind the Scenes

We have a tremendous amount of ownership with this project. We helped bring it to life in 2019 and have watched it bloom into a campaign of real economic impact on our home town. We branded it, built the website, and of course, made the video that kicked the whole thing off (famously starring Lee in his underwear). We are forever grateful to SEDA for giving us the keys to this program in major ways from day one.

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