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When our alma mater beckons, we answer. We've been telling stories of UNA students for years now, and we always love the chance to get to meet new people at the beginning of the most exciting part of their lives. The office of Admissions asked us to tell the stories of 4 unique students - Alaina, Tate, Mark, and Brooke. After getting to know them each, we crafted a short story that encapsulated their experience as a student.

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"We are definitely biased, but we know how lucky we are to have Armosa just down the street from us. They always capture such authentic, engaging stories from our campus. UNA prides itself on approachability and transparency, so it is crucial that Armosa's team is able to convey that."

Julie Taylor
Director, Admissions at UNA

Behind the Scenes

It's a bit like cheating when we get to shoot with such great people on such a beautiful campus right down the street. The challenge we try and face head on with each project for UNA is to show prospective students something they haven't seen before - something that is uniquely UNA, and relevant to what they're looking for in a University.

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