"The Road Ahead" 2020

2020 was a crazy year, obvs. For the RV industry, it was especially crazy. People started flocking to dealerships ready to hit the open road in their hotel room on wheels to remote locations in droves! Winnebago wanted to make sure folks knew exactly what was in store for them if they decided to do so in the most well-known name in America for RVs - and they called on us to help them make that happen.

Our Services

  • Built a 1.5 Hour Feature
  • Shot in 7 Locations Across the US
  • Leveraged Product Content for 1 Full Year

"Armosa continues to be a key go-to partner for video content. They always bring exciting ideas to the table and work with whatever we throw their way. They are problem solvers, go-getters, and just the nicest people to get to work with."

Kelli Harms
Manager, Marketing at Winnebago Industries

Behind the Scenes

This was our largest single project as an agency we had ever taken on. It took countless hours of planning, coordination, scouting, casting, shooting, editing, communicating, and fine-tuning to get exactly right - but we did it. Thanks to the amazing people at Winnebago, DKY, Barkley, and several of our trusted production partners, we let the world know exactly what Winnebago had to offer in 2020. Watch the full virtual product launch to see just what we mean.


Problem, meet solution

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