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Welcome to Armosa Studios. We’re so glad you’re here.

In the service of the story—on brand and on message.

We know that building a brand isn’t easy, but you don’t have to do it alone. We’ve spent a lifetime honing our own brand of photography and video magic that turns heartstrings into purse strings. Armosa Studios is here to unlock the power of authentic engagement by delivering opportunities that only branded video storytelling can bring: compelling campaigns that people notice, engage, and share. Get in touch.

Core Values


We honor our commitments, project realistic expectations, and admit when we can do better.


We take the time to enjoy what we do, and spread joy wherever we are.


We don’t take any opportunity for granted. There’s always room to grow and new heights to reach.


Our highest priority is people—in the stories we tell and the purposes we serve.


We take time to give back, nurture those around us, and promote kindness.


We take initiative in our space, solve the problems that we can, and advocate for the client.

Get to know #TeamArmosa

We’re a closely-knit gang of video/photo pros and creative types who live and breathe a company culture marked by inclusion, enthusiastic cooperation, and client-centric attention. We bring this vibe to every discovery call, every meeting, and every shoot, helping clients achieve that special kind of video magic that cultivates trust and connection.

Tera WagesTera Wages

Tera Wages

Founder and Photographer

Aesthetic architect and lover of the lens.

Wes WagesWes Wages

Wes Wages

CEO and Executive Producer

Chief kid in charge of everything.

Lee TaylorLee Taylor

Lee Taylor

Creative Director

Making ideas a reality and on-brand.

Lucas WassnerLucas Wassner

Lucas Wassner

Production Manager

The man with the plan for all things shoot days.

Bobby MartinBobby Martin

Bobby Martin

Production Specialist

Steward of data, files, and all deliverables.

Ben HeinkelBen Heinkel

Ben Heinkel

Project Coordinator

Keeping everyone connected and moving.

DJ Dittenhoefer
Frazer Spowart
Jon Champion
Josh LeClair
Pete Brown
Seth Haley

Production Partners

These folks put the "pro" in production.

Even a team this sexy can't do it all. These are some of the big guns we call in to help make magic happen. Want to join the ranks? Give us a shout!


Armosa team dancingArmosa film crewWes and Tera

Bring in our nimble crew.

It’s our job to deliver the thrill of adventure in every project we take on. Schedule a discovery call today.

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