Onsite Workshops

Rediscovering You

The team at Onsite has been changing lives for a long time. Through workshops at their beautiful campus, attendees work hand-in-hand with licensed clinical therapists, counselors, and care givers to overcome some of their greatest inner challenges. When they decided to start doing the same thing online, they called us to help make that happen.

Our Services

  • Full Production of Inaugural Digital Product
  • Promotional Pieces

"Armosa took our vast, multi-faceted vision and made it a reality in the video portion of this program. They truly show up ready to do what it takes to make anything possible."

Candi Shelton
Content Production Manager, Onsite

Behind the Scenes

Across just a few days in Nashville, Tennessee, we were able to capture 5 modules of content as well as supporting visual assets from Onsite's beautiful campus. Candi and the team at Onsite were perfect partners in making big, tough concepts come to life in ways that actually help people through a screen - something we could not be more proud to be a part of.

Problem, meet solution

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